No goal physique, just to find my own version of what healthy is, mind and body. I like being confident in myself and I’m proud of my dedication to my health and fitness. I love being in control of my body, but not being obsessed with my physique or need to be skinny. Instead I value my bodies ability to respond, adapt and grow. I’m amazed at what my body can do, lift and how strong I can be. I love how I feel when I eat and workout to fulfill my bodies needs but am not controlled by trying to be anything other than healthy - mind and body. I take pride in my health and my body, but also the balance I have found. In the past, and especially when I cheered in college at the University of Oregon, I thought I needed to do a bunch of cardio to stay thin, and to be healthy. Yet, the cardio totally hindered my happiness. I have found a balance in what my body needs and what I enjoy. I hate running - so I stopped. Life should allow you to enjoy God’s gifts. My goal with my social media is to encourage and inspire others. I’ve found that lifting makes me super excited to get up in the morning and gives me something to be competitive about, so it’s a great choice for me, but it might not be your thing and that’s ok too. Whatever makes you feel empowered is what you should focus on. I like being a bad*** boss lady who lifts heavy but still feels feminine! I’m here to document my fitness journey and dedication to health.